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Erie Boulevard Downtown TAP

Wheels to Heels

Project Goals

  • Remove the access road

  • Use remaining space to construct a shared use path and on-street parking

  • Improve the existing median to restrict pedestrians from crossing in roadway

  • Improve the signalized crossings by constructing refuge island

  • Incorporate new bicycle lanes

Project Background

The Erie Boulevard Downtown Transportation Alternative Project (Downtown TAP) is focused on the improvement of the segment between South James Street and South George Street. This 0.25-mile segment is located in an urban commercial area within walking distance of Rome City Hall.


The existing development along the south side of the corridor coupled with its proximity to the downtown district and residential housing to the north has led to a significant need to improve but restrict the pedestrian access throughout the project area. There is also a diminished need for the access road along Erie Boulevard based upon building usage making the area more useful as a as a side path.  

The existing project area primarily consist of either asphalt or concrete so as part of this project, the City desires to soften the character of the corridor to transfer it from primary a commercial section to make it more appealing to future developers and business owners.

To read the full Erie Boulevard Downtown Transportation Alternative Project report, please click the link below:

Final Design Report

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