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The City of Rome (City) and the Griffiss Local Development Corporation (GLDC) are pleased to issue this Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) for the redevelopment of three key areas in Rome, NY. The City and GLDC are working collaboratively to present a spectrum of development opportunities which would attract developer interest that is aligned with the community’s vision. To support the prospects of high-wage job growth by key employers on Griffiss, the community intends to partner with you to create new market rate loft apartments, supported by professional, commercial, and lifestyle retail. Rome companies who are continuously recruiting and hiring have cited a market gap in modern housing options for current and future Cyber, UAS, and Advanced Manufacturing professionals.


  1. Identify qualified developers interested in working with the City and GLDC on implementation of a shared development vision for each of these strategic sites.

  2. Identify optimal development and phasing for all three sites; and

  3. Finalize Project Agreements to implement the proposed development plan at these locations; committing private investment to back the proposed development plan which would leverage the available state and local incentives.

Respondents may submit information for one, two, or all three sites. More specifically, the City and GLDC are looking to maximize mixed-use development opportunities that will create commercial, residential, and other space needs that will attract population and leverage the regional employment opportunities that exist on Griffiss and in the Utica-Rome metro.

Key Question: How can GLDC and the City provide modern housing solutions and live-work office space that captures the growing high wage workforce at the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, while enhancing the surrounding employment and cultural centers?

Opportunity and Vision: Leverage the value of committed public incentives (state grants, public financing, local tax abatement) and a uniquely-coordinated private-public-partnership to bring 200+ modern housing units online in the next five years.

Griffiss Business + Technology Park B240 Site

Downtown Rome DRI Strategic Sites

Woodhaven - Riverwalk

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