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Pinti Field Improvements

Project Background

Pinti Park, more commonly known as Pinti Field by locals, is located along 6th Street and Mohawk Street in the City of Rome in a mixed-use neighborhood of residential, commercial and industrial uses. The park is home to a variety of recreational opportunities including a Club House used for recreation programming, a swimming pool and bathhouse, a large playground, trails throughout the park and along the river, a soccer field, fitness trail, sand volleyball, picnic shelter, bocce ball court, softball field and associated parking facilities. 

Recently, there have been improvements made to the park that include a fitness trail, trail lighting and a new playground. Despite recent improvements, there are still issues to be addressed, including bringing the park to current code, drainage issues and improvement to circulation and user experience.


These improvements will consist of an overall park Master Plan, which will offer an analysis of all park facilities and recommendations for future projects, will be developed by Terry Horst Architects of  Syracuse, New York.

Check out some visual renderings from project consultant, Terry Horst!

Project Objectives

  • Enhancing the entrances to the Club House and Bathhouse

  • Bring park up to current codes, making it more ADA-compliant

  • Address drainage problems

  • Improve circulation and user experiences

  • Introduction to better landscape and paving surfaces 


Check out the final plans! Click on the image above to view a larger version.

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