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West Dominick Arts District

Project Description

After successfully receiving funding from the New York State Department of State Brownfield Opportunity Area Program, the City of Rome will site additional art installations to enhance the Art Walk Corridor in the West Dominick Street Arts District. The project seeks to use strategic placemaking via art as a way to strengthen the downtown district, ultimately attracting more visitors and residents. The project will include a visioning exercise, community outreach, and architectural and engineering services.

Project Background

West Dominick Street is a locally-designated Main Streets Area that is home to a number of small businesses, an historic theatre, cinema, and a vibrant art community within Downtown Rome. Due to the large presence of arts and cultural organizations, public art installations have been identified as recommended throughout the Erie Boulevard BOA along West Dominick Street as a way to promote the intersection of arts, culture, and history within the City.

Public Art is known to add cultural, aesthetic, and economic value to communities. It presents an opportunity to strengthen a community's identity, engage the passerby, and encourage interactive experiences.

Project Goals

  • Create a high-quality public realm that seamlessly connects all aspects of downtown, promoting walkability and vibrancy.

  • Create an environment that attracts and fosters economic opportunity and celebrates diversity.

  • Celebrate and leverage the existing historic and cultural resources to establish downtown as an arts and cultural hub.

  • Leverage the 100k plus annual National Monument visitors

This webpage was prepared with funding provided by the New York State Department of State under the Brownfield Opportunity Area Program.

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