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Griffo Green Improvements

Project Details:

In 2016, the City of Rome was a recipient of the New York State Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), awarding $10M to help boost the development landscape and encourage economic growth. Through an intensive public engagement process, projects that met the goals and objectives of the program were identified in downtown Rome.  In the heart of Rome, Griffo Green (also known as City Green) was identified as a priority project having the potential to create a four-season community space attracting visitors to downtown for public markets, concerts, outdoor movies, and winter activities.


Through the DRI, the Landscape Architect help facilitate an extensive public engagement process to determine the community's vision and needs. The community's desire for a dynamic gathering space with four-season interest continually rose to the top of the list. With public support for the project, City Green was awarded $400,000 in design and implementation funds.


Griffo Green will have the amenities to accommodate large community gatherings including farmers markets, concerts, outdoor movies, and special events, as well as functioning for small group or individual activities on a daily basis. The design creates multiple rooms for picnicking, frisbee and other yard games, and opportunities for rest and relaxation. The rooms are designed to work individually but come together for larger events. Griffo Green is in the heart of Downtown and is the crossroads between current and future development projects.


The Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) is a program through NYS to turn downtown neighborhoods into centers for activity, business, economic growth, and diversity. The City of Rome, NY was awarded $10M in 2016 for our own downtown revitalization.

Rendering, not finalized design

Total Project Cost: $450,000

DRI Award: $400,000

Griffo Green Pop-Up Project:

Livable Communities of Oneida County partnered with the City of Rome, NY for a "Pop-Up" project to add temporary amenities to the Griffo Green and Willett Street corridor to bring a plan to reality. The activation of the project was held on Saturday, June 18th, 2022. This project is a part of the Action Plan of the Livable Communities of Oneida County to improve accessibility and new options for open spaces for people of all ages and abilities. Kelly Walters, Executive Director for 50 Forward Mohawk Valley, who is the lead nonprofit for Livable Communities of Oneida County stated, "Such "Pop-Up' Projects are helpful to get the community involved in working with government to activate space to become more livable and age-friendly for the entire community," The City of Rome has a plan that was developed as part of the downtown Revitalization Initiative and this project is being used to illustrate what that plan would "look" like once activated to get feedback from the community before actual construction. This is the first "pop-up" project for Livable Communities of Oneida County to demonstrate how such projects can impact and improve plans to excite a community. "We are very pleased to partner with 50 Forward Mohawk Valley for a pop-up event. The event gives the city and opportunity to showcase some of the possible future uses of the green space that was identified as a DRI priority project" said Mayor Jacqueline M. Izzo.

Downtown Rome Pop-Up Banner

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