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Liberty/George Redevelopment

Total Project Cost: $1,800,000

DRI Award: $1,500,000

Project Description

The Liberty George Parking Garage was a 40-year-old parking structure that sat on a strategically and highly visible 2+ acre site in the downtown core of the City. The City completed a structural analysis of the garage that concluded that the structure was unfit for reuse. It was demolished and replaced by a landscaped surface parking lot and open space on the site until a developer can be secured. The city will issue a request for proposal to develop the site.​

As determined through the DRI process, the desired end use for the site will include:

  • Market rate residential units

  • Parking for residents as well as additional spaces designated for public use

  • Value-added amenities for tenants such as a fitness facility and business center

  • Commercial uses along street-level façade

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