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West Dominick Art Walk Phase I - Art Plaza


Project Description

The West Dominick Street Art Walk project is focused on revitalizing the West Dominick Street Arts District and Art Walk Corridor within the State-designated Erie Boulevard Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA). During the first phase, a public art plaza was installed on West Dominick Street between North Madison Street and North George Street. The art plaza includes a sculpture with art panels, benches, a granite seatwall, and elements of green infrastructure including a rain garden, and street trees with artistic tree grates.

Project Background


Image courtesy of the National Parks Service (NPS). Click the image to read an NPS article on the Oneida Carry.

The art plaza on West Dominick Street is situated along the Deo-wain-sta (Tiowestah), also known as The Carrying Place, The Great Carry, or Oneida Carry. Deo-wain-sta holds important historical value in the pre-American settlement history and development of the United States as a historic overland portage route where boats were carried from the Mohawk River to Wood Creek. 

West Dominick Street is currently a major commercial corridor that is home to a number of small businesses and a vibrant art community within downtown Rome. This roadway provides residents and visitors access to the Capitol Theatre, restaurants, cafes and art studios.

The art plaza was proposed as part of the Erie Boulevard BOA, along with other public art installations along West Dominick Street, to promote the arts community and rich history within the City of Rome.

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