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Liberty/James Garage

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Project Details

The existing parking garage on the corner of Liberty Street and James Street is being demolished and redeveloped into a public off-street surfacing parking facility focused around tourism and sustainable design. This public parking facility project will be directly replacing the 4 story parking garage.


Situated in a prominent location within the downtown, design of the new facility shall take advantage of context sensitive design solutions and take design ques from the Fort Stanwix National Monument and the surrounding downtown area to create a memorable first impression for visitors. The facility will also be vitally important to provide adequate off street parking for workers and patrons of the downtown district which is focused around the Capitol Theatre and the emerging Arts and Culture District of West Dominick Street.

Project Background

Previously designated the Fort Stanwix Parking Garage, this site is the primary off-street parking area for the approximate one hundred thousand (100,000) annual visitors to the national park site, and directly supports daily traffic for employees and businesses within the downtown.  In 2021, the City completed a structural analysis of the garage that concluded that the structure is unfit for reuse.

Total Project Cost: $4,500,000

DRI Award: $

ARPA Award: $

Liberty James Parking Lot Concept REV 3.25.22_Page_2.jpg

Draft Rendering created by BERGMANN. Does not reflect the final site concept.

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